DetelPro Yobekan 7 Litter Oxygen Concentrator with More Than 90% Oxygen Purification (Oxygen Flow UP TO 96%) at Rs. 25600

₹ 25600 ₹ 45900

  • 1-7 L Adjust Oxygen Concentration – The Concentration is right for all ages. This product will have more then 90% oxygen purification at 1 Ltrs. This Concentrator also provides 1-7 Litres of Oxygen with reduced purification.It has upto 96% Oxygen concentration.
  • Suitable for Many People – Oxygen generator customize your home oxygen health plan. Continous Oxygen Supply – 24 hours continuous oxygen supplement. Recommended Oxygen Time – Arrange time reasonably to be healthier 1. Sub-healthy people: 30 minutes (1-2 times a day) 2. Insomnia patients : 30-60 minutes (1-2 times a day) 3. Critically ill patients : 24 hours 4. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases : 60 minutes (3 time a day) 5. Patients with chronic diseases : 6 hours
  • Rapid Oxygen Release in 3 Seconds – Optional 10.2 inch large screen for blood oxygen measurement, heart rate measurement, oxygen concentration up to 96%. SOS Urgent Help – Gently press loudly to call for help – 1. 1-7L Oxygen Flow 2. Physical and chemical physical therapy function 3. SOS call for Help 4. Touch Screen 5. Voice Control AI Interaction simple operation makes Oxygen inhalation easy 6. South Korea Imported Chips + Independent Research and Development Upgrade PCB chip board
  • Exquisite Craftsmanship – DetelPro Oxygen Generator is loyal to your healthy life. German technology oil free compressor 1. Oxygen in 3 seconds 2. Silence and shock absorption 3. U.S. imported leather bowl 4. Intimate cylinder head design: quieter, batter heat dissipation 5. Cylinder adopts nano coating technology 6. Pure copper inlet and outlet connector 7. 360* coil protective shell 8. Constant temperature cooling fan 9.Aluminum alloy shell : never rust, better heat dissipation
  • Intimate Design Every Detail – 1. Smart Timing 2. Smart Alert 3. The Whole Machine Shockproof Drop Test 4. ESD Test (Screen Electrostatic GUN Shot) 5. Reset Switch 6. DetelPro oxygenerator products determine the development of quality and achieve excellence

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