Healofy Naturals Anti-Stretch Marks Cream, 30gm | Moisturizes the Skin, Reduces Stretch Marks at Rs. 99

₹ 99

  • ✔️NATURALLY PREVENTS STRETCH MARKS- To make sure you enjoy your motherhood to the fullest without any compromise, Healofy Naturals has formulated the stretch mark cream, our stretch mark cream is enriched with natural exotic ingredients, which prevent stretch marks.
  • ✔️REDUCES STRETCH MARKS- Healofy Naturals stretch mark cream contains Aloe vera gel, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter & power of 10+ natural oils to reduce stretch marks in an natural way. This wonderful stretch removal cream is highly absorbent & works well deep into the skin tissues.
  • ✔️DEEPLY NOURISHES & PREVENTS ITCHINESS & DRYNESS- Healofy Naturals stretch mark removal cream gives nourishment & hydration to your delicate skin. A unique stretch mark removal cream which prevents dryness & itchiness with deep hydration. This is a gentle Mylo Care stretch mark cream loaded with natural Bio oil that deeply hydrates your skin.
  • ✔️REGENERATES SKIN TISSUE- Healofy Naturals stretch mark cream is infused with 100% natural oils, it works like a natural Bio-Oil that regenerates skin tissues & ensures glowing skin. Shea butter along with 100% coconut oil ensures skin is elastic & not saggy. A perfect stretch mark cream for women which also brings back glow to your tired skin.
  • ✔️PARABEN & TOXIN FREE- Our anti stretch mark cream is free from all parabens & toxins as it is made up of 100% natural formulation of ingredients and bio-oil. Rich in shea butter ensures supple baby soft skin without any itchy sensation.

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