Kingsway Dumbbell Shape Neck Rest Cushion for Toyota Hilux 2022 Onwards, Leatherette, Black, Set of 2 Piece at Rs. 549

₹ 549 ₹ 899

  • About this item
  • Comfort: Soft And Pleasant For Both Your Vehicle And Yourself, This Cushion Will Support Your Head And Neck In A Comfortable Manner. Make Your Driving Experience More Enjoyable And Secure.
  • It Provides Ideal Neck Support While Driving Or Reading, So ItS Ideal For Head And Neck Support.
  • Compact Size: Its Small Size Makes It Convenient To Carry Everywhere.
  • Reduces Neck Strain: Long-Driving Fatigue And Soreness Can Be Successfully Reduced With The Use Of A Neck Pillow.
  • Get A Healthy Spine: Protect Your Neck, Relax Your Muscles, And Improve The Comfort And Safety Of Your Driving. The Cushion Prevents The Car From Floating And The Stiffness In Your Neck Produced By A Protracted Bend, Weariness, And Soreness. The Permeability Was Substantially Improved By The Perforating Design, Which Combined Natural And Artificial Technologies.

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