Nimeasy Dishwash Liquid Gel 1L, Kitchen Utensil Cleaner at Rs. 130

₹ 130

  • About this item
  • Enzyme Technology ensures that soaking utensils like kadhai etc. in Nimeasy dishwash liquid eases removal of grease & oil through its Lift Off Action
  • Removes tough food malodor including, garlic, onion, egg, chicken and fish amongst others
  • Skin Friendly and gentle on hands
  • Washes away bacteria from your utensils. It has Neem extracts known for its anti-microbial properties
  • Suitable for variety of cookware including aluminium, stainless steel, teflon coated non-stick, ceramic, silver, crockery etc. Doesn€™t scratch or damage the utensils. Doesn€™t leave behind any residue like a bar.
  • Nimeasy dishwash gel comes with Enzyme Technology that gives Lift Off Action, reducing the need for scrubbing your utensils
  • Refreshing Lemon Citrus fragrance, which leaves the utensils smelling clean
  • For regular utensils like plates, glasses etc. use just a teaspoon of Nimeasy in a bowl of water for sparkling clean utensils

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