Swiss Beauty Professional Blusher with highly blendable shades | Pigmented Blusher for a Natural Flush | Shade-05, 6gm| at Rs. 147

₹ 147 ₹ 299

  • About this item
  • Sheer Coverage: Swiss Beauty Professional Blusher for face makeup gives a sheer coverage along with a hue.
  • Radiating Glow: This blusher is an effortless way to achieve flawless glow as it gives a radiating glow to the cheekbones and high points of the facial features.
  • Highly Blendable And Buildable: The particles of this blusher are highly blendable and buildable in nature.
  • Silky And Smooth Texture: Professional Blusher has a smooth and silky texture that glides on the skin smoothly.
  • Weightless: The powdery aspect of this blusher is quite weightless, leaving your face non-cakey and glowing.

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